GingerDX v031

v031b (11-03-2013): hotfix release

  • updated Ring Locker to show the time correctly
  • JellyBean theme updated (USB mounting)
  • updated Polish translation (sorry for that)
  • v031 (08-03-2013) – Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s celebrate.
  • Ring Locker (to activate go to GingerDX settings->Other)
  • PIE controls ported from ParanoidAndroid
  • PIE is a fully-customizable replacement for the stock on-screen navigation buttons found in more recent versions of Android. It stays hidden off-screen, only to be brought to life by a predefined gesture. PIE can be manifested on all four sides of the devices, and there's even an option to set up multiple trigger areas, making this not only a neat mod to look at, but a convenient one, too. (

  • SuperSU 1.25
  • ES File Explorer
  • GalleryDX replaced with QuickPic 2.9.3
  • HoloLauncher 2.0.2
  • Big translation update (DE – laufersteppenwolf, PL – atomrat and me, IT – shineworld, RU – AChep, NL – SMillerNL, PT – jucazastrow )
  • Improved JellyBean theme
  • AliveDots Wallpaper – cool live wallpaper by AChep
  • Easter egg! Try to find it





Stock SEMC kernel



24 thoughts on “GingerDX v031

  1. Mohamed

    I’m using v031b but the camera is always says “sorry the application camera ( stopped unexpectedly.please try again later” every time I capture so I cannot use the camera

    1. Floaty

      I’m on GingerDX 023b now, and want to got to 031b.

      Which file do i have to take for install – the first one (nAa/Alfs) or the second (Stock SEMC kernel)?

      Thanks a lot, Floaty

    2. Anonymous

      Which kernal do you have?
      When u boot ur phone, if it shows Sony Ericsson, then its Stock Kernal. if it shows naA, its naA.

  2. juan diego

    Hello, please could tell me which is the best rom for xperia X10mini with stock kernel

  3. rebvvar

    thanks a lot for this rom
    it is amasing
    just brightness can not be customize
    it always in ultra brightness .
    how can be solved ?

  4. Tan Yih Wei

    I wish to ask that what type of rom should I download. nAa/Alfs or Stock SEMC kernel? I just root my Xperia X8 and it is on it original rom. I also installed CMW recovery.

  5. Arthur

    É uma pena que vocês não irão mais continuar com o projeto. Para ficar perfeito era só consertar a playstore e o bluetooth que não está funcionando. Mas parabéns pelo trabalho. Greetings from Brasil!
    It’s a shame that you will no longer continue with the project. To stay was just perfect fix playstore and bluetooth is not working. But congratulations on the job.

    Greetings from Brasil

  6. fjz0001

    back to v29 in v31b using naa14 I have problems with partitions sd with Link2SD and if I use an old version of Link2SD have no problem with the partitions at first, but the 2nd reboot phone begins the same problem , I can not turn off the phone because at the start I did not recognize either the apps on the partition of the sd, and I clean cache , dalvick cache , relink dalvick cache and libraries , reset and repeat the process to recognize them well , I have reboots every so often, and problems with uSB Connection for both PC to connect to the power outlet to charge battery, v29 did not have these problems if I use kernel 2.6.32 do not have those problems , but it is slower and reboots if I run games that also do not initiate , or if you have a moderate to high use of resources ( processor and ram memory) , switch to another rom, the htx and miui do not have those problems , but I like the speed and stability of gingerdx before v3x version . GingerDx is a great rom, did a great job.

  7. Aalam

    can any one help me there ??? stock kernal is not gud it does not support all file system of sd card and it is slow so i want to use …naa kernel.. but wifi is not working on naa kernal …some people are giving advance on the behalf of alfs kernal.. i got the wifi patch for alfs kernal but …when i patched the addon after that brightness control stop working …without broghtness contron i cant use any rom it is mandatory to save battery x8 having very less battery power
    my question is what version of naa kernal is fully working on gdx…if anyone having patch(update) for naa kernal to fix wifi …….or update to fix wifi as well as brightness contron on alfs kernal plz help

    and this is my request to the Teamfun plz make a update of brightness contron that can fix britness contron after updating addon of alfs kernal …this will work for every gdx rom bcz all gdx having same prog running inside it ….this is how all gdx can fully working on run on alfs 8 kernal….i dont know who made this addon update if u want to se plz contect me at ….in subject write temfun …

  8. Aalam

    sorry i cant delete my above comment kindly reffer this one

    if any one want to use extremely fast GingerDX then use GingerDX v29 for stock (URL:->….use alfs 8 gdx kernal

    ….by using alfs recovery install addon file(email me if u are not having this setup) …after that only brightness manual control will not work …there is no need of brightness control i hv trick 😉
    bcz toggle switch brightness is working in status bar…and auto brightness is working vey fine …i hv solution to save battery by using these two function …..

    got to …settings -> Disply->Brightness
    tick on
    ->automatic brightness
    Now use button in status bar :) :)

    Note: This rom with given combination is better than all other roms …even batter than (jelly bean mini project v5) rom
    because user can transfer whole rom into sd card even dalvik cache …use app-> s2e(search in google play ) its flly working on this rom (use class 10 card card for better result)

    To enable swapping (it will increase ram)
    i hv also a fix file (email me ) is just awesome ..your net browsing speed will rise to atleat 40%

    PLZ iN subjet write -> ( GDXv29 Alfs) not brackets… my email adress is ….

    Thanks to teamfun for making such a wonderful rom …u are the best team who made such a fast rom for very less ram..

  9. Chupakabra

    Which of these should i install on my Sony Erricson walkman W8?

    i currently have GingerDX v28b installed on it

    and what steps should i follow if i can install v31

  10. anthi

    hello everyone! i would like to know, if there is anywhere available to freely download that version which doesn’t require custom kernel.
    thanks in advance!


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