GingerDX v030

v030 (20-01-2013) – bug fix release:

  • CM nightly dated on 15/01/2013
  • ICS Theme replaced by JellyBean lite
  • New JellyBean transitions ported from….php?t=2012179 thanks vicino!
  • Fully working KSM on Alfs v09c – open terminal/adb shell and type cat /sys/kernel/mm/ksm/pages_sharing to check.
  • Fixed LED settings
  • Fixed radio speaker routing – thanks to nobodyAtall
  • Restored DSP Manager
  • Statusbar panel background transparency
  • Reworked centered clock
  • Restored option to disable bootanimation
  • Updated Chinese, Slovak and Polish translations
  • Jellybean fonts and audio
  • GalleryDX v2.8.2
  • ESFileExplorer v1.6.2.4
  • SuperSU v0.99
  • HoloLauncher v2.0.1
  • GAPPs moved to separate package

Big thanks to doixanh, who decided to become a semi-end-user 
Big thanks to our friend silverio.d who made a KSM test app.

Thanks to:
atomrat, ->Sid and Nevsky_711 for tests





Stock SEMC kernel



XPERIA X10 Mini Pro


3 thoughts on “GingerDX v030

  1. bbdd

    Hi! I have a bit problem with wifi. I cant use thet because “error”. I cant turn on. Why?
    Same with v031…
    Pls Help!! Ty!

  2. jnaqvi

    sir i m newbie, i want to use gingerdx v030 ROM for locked bootloader because i have 11w41 manufacture code x8. so i can’t install nAa or Alfs kernal. plz tell me v030 is best for me or any other. i have 2.6.29SEMCUser@SEMCHost#1 kernal by default. plz help thanks in advance


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