GingerDX v029

v029 (29-09-2012) – huuuuuuuuge update:

  • Based on MiniCM shakira device tree
  • CM nightly dated on 28/09/2012
  • New devices officially supported from now (Xperia X10 Mini, Xperia X10 Mini Pro, Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-5830 – thanks to CallMeVentus)
  • Updated Google Play Store to 3.8.17
  • Removed Nemus Launcher
  • Added Holo Launcher 1.2.4
  • Added Google Authenticator
  • Spare Parts/Dev Tools
  • Ultra-brightness
  • Ultra-brightness power toggle
  • Native WiFi tethering (custom kernel only)
  • Option to remove all remembered networks by one click
  • Jellybean status bar and notifications
  • Jellybean sounds
  • Fully customizable AChep’s desk clock (math quiz, shake/flip to snooze/disable)
  • Centered clock option doesn’t require reboot anymore
  • GalleryDX’s scrolling bug fixed
  • Updated Pick-up-to-call
  • Revamped transparent statusbar
  • Updated SuperSU to v0.96
  • GalleryDX updated to v2.3.3
  • Flip-to-snooze the alarm bug fixed
  • Removed doixanh’s optimization – it was the cause of scrolling bug
  • ICSified Settings by default
  • Removed MIUI status bar battery style
  • New WiFi module (stock)
  • ClockworkMod v4.0.1.5 (stock)
  • Updated IT, RU, PL, VI translations (thanks to silverio.di, AChep and doixanh)Thanks go to:
    – atomrat
    – RohinZaraki
    – navispidey
    – Sidy
    – neXt___
    – x10man





Stock SEMC kernel



XPERIA X10 Mini Pro


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