GingerDX v028

  • v028b – hotfix

    • Updated SuperSU to 0.92
    • Fixed SMS/MMS Force Closing when “Pick-up-to-Call” is enabled
    • Fixed “Date in the statusbar is not being updated”
    • Fixed black block on the left when clock is being centered
  • v028 – minor update and bug fixes

    • Latest CM7.2.0 Hero stable
    • Pick-Up-To-Call in Phone dialer and MMS with GDX setting in CMParts
    • Updated EN, DE, FR, IT, VI and RU translation for the USB storage mode / USB connection screen
    • Updated RU translation in CMParts by yarik2720
    • Updated GalleryDX to 2.3
    • Updated SuperSU to 0.91
    • Date now being displayed when Statusbar is being pulled down
    • WiFi tetheruing TESTING (build.prop)
      ro.semc.wifi.hostapd=1Alfs Kernel Addon:
    • Version bump to v007 to match GingerDX v028



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