GingerDX v027

v027 – EURO 2012 update 

  • Latest CM7.2.0rc4 Hero nightly
  • AChep’s ICSandwich Theme now set by default
  • AChepified!  Merged AChep’s ICS Layouts natively into the ROM (….php?t=1324924) (Best thanks to AChep for granting us permissions)
  • DeskClock: “Shake to Snooze Alarm” by AChep
  • Updated ES File Explorer to
  • Updated Nemus Launcher to 1.6.3
  • Updated SuperSU to 0.90
  • Russian translation updated by yarik2720
  • Merged CM9 backports from aspee (LG P500 GingerDX Port)
  • Kernel samepage merging (for Alfs v09+)
    NOTE: This feature only works on Alfs v09+ and will have no effect on Stock Kernel or Alfs v08 (or older).
    To enable KSM: System settings -> CyanogenMod settings -> Performance
    CHECK “Kernel samepage merging” to enable the feature.
    Be warned that this code is considered UNSTABLE and may cause unexpected problems.
    Try at your own risk!
  • Current CPU Frequency
    Shown at: System settings -> CyanogenMod settings -> Performance -> CPU settings

    Alfs Kernel Addon:

  • Version bump to v006 to match GingerDX v027


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