GingerDX v026

v026 – Minor update

  • CM7.2.0-rc1, based on latest Hero CM7.2.0-release
  • Added Battery Life tweaks by PureMotive
  • Added Battery Status Bar by spitemare
  • Added Menu button to receive call by eagleeyetom
  • Added GPS Country Optimizer by djnilse
  • Added GDX Update Notify by djnilse
  • Added Nemus Launcher
  • Added ES File Explorer
  • Updated Play Store to 3.5.19
  • Updated GalleryDX (based on QuickPic 2.2.4)
  • Updated AChep’s ICSandwich theme to 032-build-408
  • Updated timezone data to 2011n as included with the compile
  • Replaced ChainDD’s Superuser with Chainfire’s SuperSU 0.89
  • Replaced Google Play Music with Stock CM7 Music app
  • Removed CMStats.apk
  • Removed CMUpdateNotify.apk
  • Removed Zeam Launcher
  • Removed Root Browser
  • Changed lockscreen branding to “Team GingerDX”
  • Full Polish translation

    Alfs Kernel Addon:

  • Added Basic KSM Support for Alfs v09 (See Wikipedia)


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