GingerDX v025

v025 – Some updates here and there

  • Latest CM7.2.0-RC1 Hero nightly
  • Replaced system/etc/hosts past a normal hosts file
    Almost 16500 lines (500KB+) to block ad hosts is plain insanity
    Use AdAway or any similar app
  • Tweaked lightsensor settings in
    – br::rate up to 32768 (from 8192)
    – br::rate down to 32768 (from 65538)
    – br::limit up to 255 (from 250)
    – curve::targets changed to 100,115,130,175,254 (from 10,75,120,164,254)
    – als::avg-t down to 512ms (from 1024ms)
  • Tweaked gps.conf
    – Set NTP SERVER values to…
    …to span the regions where the X8 is/was being sold.
  • Change in tiwlan.ini
    – WiFiAdhoc = 1 (from WiFiAdhoc = 0)
    In preparation of researching SoftAP mode
  • Cleaned up several scripts in the base system
  • Merged Stock Kernel Modules into ROM
  • Added ICS Alarms, Notifications, Ringtones and UI sounds
  • Replaced DroidSans.ttf and DroidSans-Bold.ttf past their ICS Roboto font counterparts
  • Replaced Clocktopia.ttf past the ICS AndroidClock.ttf counterpart
  • Gmail 2.3.6
  • Play Store 3.5.16
  • Added GalleryDX, based on QuickPic 2.2.2

    Other changes:

  • Center clock on status bar now in CMParts
    – Patch by doixanh
  • Dismissed “Disable boot animation” in CMParts
  • Misc language updates in CMParts
    – Russian translation by AChep
    – German translation by B.Jay
    – Italian translation by silverio_di and Firelord70
    – Bulgarian translation by didkoslawow

    Alfs Kernel Addon:

  • Version bump to v004 to match GingerDX v025


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