GingerDX v024

v024 – Small improvements

  • Latest CM7.2.0-RC1 Hero nightly.
  • Updated Play Store to v3.5.15
  • Updated AChep’s ICSandwich Theme to 031-build-406
  • Removed LauncherPro
  • Added ZeamLauncher v3.1.10
  • Added ICS Wallpapers into CyanogenMod Wallpapers
  • Removed ClockworkMod Recovery v4.0.1.5
  • Added ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.8 by Team GingerDX
  • Removed broken HTC Live Wallpaper
  • Added HTC Live Wallpaper by death1246
  • Refreshed Google Apps
  • Fixed a file permission problem in updater-script
  • Alfs Kernel Addon
    Incorporated some optimizations suggested by alfsamsung
  • Stock Kernel Modules:
    Added ax8netfilter plus modification to load full netfilter modules
    NEW: for easy overclock module installation
  • Fixes:
    Resolved a ‘Divide by zero’ in the framework
    Lowered delay for screen rotation change from 2s to 0.6s
    Removed unused code
  • Thanks:
    vislavski for beta testing


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