GingerDX v023

  • v023b – Fix for Stock Kernel users

    • Busybox reverted to 1.15.3 to avoid soft bricks on stock kernels.
    • Alfs update inlcude newest busybox.
  • v023 – With new maintainer come a great lot of changes

    • Latest CM7.2.0-RC0 Hero nightly.
    • Removed boot sound (haunt eagleeyetom if you miss it )
    • Removed CM7 File Manager
    • Added Root Browser by jrummy16
      (Consider buying the app if you like it to support the developer)
    • Removed AChep’s A-Theme Lite
    • Added AChep’s ICSandwich Theme 030 (will be updated with each release)
      (If you like to support AChep consider buying the theme to support him.)
    • Added eagleeyetom’s EduRoam WiFi fix
    • Updated ax8mt (Stock Kernel Modules) to the requested fixed version
    • Updated GPS to Google’s AGPS servers
    • Updated ClockworkMod Recovery to by unic0de
    • Removed xRecovery
    • Updated Busybox to 1.19.4
    • Updated Play Store to 3.4.7 (formerly Android Market)
    • Updated Play Music to 4.1.513 (formerly Google Music)
    • Updated Superuser to 3.0.7 (su binary v3.0.3.2)
    • Updated YouTube to 2.4.4
    • Updated Gmail to
    • Updated VoiceSearch to 2.1.4
    • Added Adreno Libs by atis112 for Alfs Kernel (Alfs Kernel AddOn)
    • Added vold+chargemon by alfsamsung for Alfs Kernel (Alfs Kernel AddOn)
    • Added ax8netfilter by AnDyX for Stock Kernel (Stock Kernel Modules)
    • Thanks go out to:
      deedii, vislavski, DefcOn, Xmaster8 and Maze for beta testing
      doixanh for resolving the lockscreen problem (you rule, man)




One thought on “GingerDX v023

  1. Crish Dexter

    Currently I am using stock kernel with FroyoPro ROM in my Xperia X8. So i am in a little confusion about which kernel is better for V23 GDX. Alfs or Stock? Please reply ASAP. Thank you!


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