GingerDX is discontinued

As I mentioned on XDA, GingerDX will not be continued. Thank you to all users for many kind words and appreciation of our work. Without you developing GDX would’ve be pointless.
Once again thanks and see you in the future :)

13 thoughts on “GingerDX is discontinued

  1. Matías

    Oh, please no. Keep working on it. I’m in love with this rom, I think it’s the best one for X8, please keep working on it, or maybe later

  2. zav

    Thank you very much for all the time inverted on this. I really apreciate the effort

  3. Kowal

    Hey. Greetings from Poland for you. My X8 was with GDX from v026. And it will stay now with v031b to end of life. Thanks again for that soft. X8 on stock firmware isn’t a phone. Your GingerDX make that is a real phone. If I can help you with continue GDX please mail me.



  4. Lautaro

    Really appreciate your work! I have a X10 mini, and it’s the best rom I ever tried (and i tried like 20…)
    0 lag, 0 bugs (maybe 1 or 2..), really cool!.
    Hope the tides give you brighter shores!

    1. Davide

      Thanks so much for turning a cheap piece of junk into the best phone I’ve had so far (in spite of the HW).

      Too bad it’s over, but I expected it.

      Thanks again!

  5. reelaax

    thnx a lot for your big work when i plan to use a custom roms you stops the very best one on the net please dont forget x8 and lets it for the oder developers we need to get our phone fresh always


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