To keep the official development thread clean, we’ve added here some questions, being asked a lot. Another good effect of this part is, that it’s a lot easier and faster for you to find your needed answer.
If you have got some questions to add here, you can post it in the GDX FAQ thread on XDA or contact us at info@team-fun.eu

Q: Why are there two versions of GingerDX?
A: One version is for stock kernel, the other one for custom kernels

Q: Which one should I use?
A:Well, it’s pure logic. If you are on stock kernel, flash the stock version, if you are on a custom kernel, use the custom version.

Q: I’m stuck in a bootloop! What shall I do now?
A: Keep calm. Enter CWM and restore a Backup or reflash the ROM again.
If you can’t enter CWM, reflash using Flashtool or SEUS.

Q: I’m still stuck!
A: Did you flashed the right version? Stock version on stock kernel and custom version on custom kernel…

Q: Why is my Wifi not working?
A:Have you flashed the right kernel?
Try to forget Networks
Still not working?
Full Wipe

Q: My Phone crashes when trying to sign into google…
A: Have you flashed GAPPS?
Have you flashed the libsensor patch(when on alfs)?
Did you do a Full Wipe?

Q: How can i mount my sdcard to PC? There is no button…
A: Just tap the Android

Q: Can I update busybox on stock?
A: No. It’ll brick your Device

Q: What is ADB/USB-Debugging?
A: If you don’t know what it is, you don’t need it.
ADB (or Android Debug Bridge) allows you to communicate between your computer and your phone (for example to get logcats) and lets you do a lot of other fun.

Q: How do I get a logcat?
A: If you need to ask, that’s the right link for you: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show….php?t=1944776

It’s easy to use and everyone can get a logcat with this tool, no matter how “skilled” he/she is.

Q:What is GalleryDX
A: Simplified:It’s a modded version of QuickPic

Q: And how do I get rid of it?
A: Delete /system/app/GalleryDX.apk and /system/lib/qpicjni100.so

Q: Why is my wifi not working?
A: On custom kernel:
Have you flashed the right kernel?

Q: Why is the Auto-Brightness not working?
A: If you’re on Alfs kernel, have you flashed the libsensor Patch?

Q: Why does my LED not blink like it should?
A: I guess you’re on alfs? just delete the file “/system/lib/hw/lights.shakira.so” and reboot.
Now it should work

Q: Shall I use Supercharger?
A: You can, but it’s not recommended. The ROM is already tweaked, to get the best overall performance. If you use it, it’s your own responsibility and do NOT post some “bugs” which only you have got, because of using supercharger

Q: Will the app “xxx” be included in the next version?
A: To make you happy: maybe…
To be realistic: the probability it pretty low

Q: How can I delete system apps?
A: You can delete system apps by using a root explorer to delete the desired app from /system/apps/
But BE CAREFUL what you delete! Delete on your own risk!

Q: What’s KSM?
A: You can read the exact explanation here
Or in short: it gives a performance boost (because it makes processes share the “same pages” with other processes -> less CPU calculation) and reduces the RAM consumption (-> pages are shared, no multiple copies)

6 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Stan

    Where is the link to download GingerDx V31b for stock kernel and GingetDX previous version?

  2. Slobodan

    Today I try to install Gingerdx v31b for stock kernal with CWM, a it got error message “Can`t open zip, installation aborted”.

    Please help!!!

  3. Slobodan

    I try reapeting a procedure but nothing. Sorry for my bad english I`m from Croatia.


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