GingerDX is discontinued

As I mentioned on XDA, GingerDX will not be continued. Thank you to all users for many kind words and appreciation of our work. Without you developing GDX would’ve be pointless.
Once again thanks and see you in the future :)

v032 heads up

Heads up for v032. I fixed audio, but we still have lots of problems with WiFi and camera preview. Hopefully it will be sorted within next week or two. Stay tuned.

It became official

Welcome to TeamFun website. We would post our progress and announcements here. This site is still under construction, so please expect some changes in the future.
This server cost us a bit, so we’ll appreciate any help :)
Thank you and welcome! :)

v031b is up!

Today we have released v031b which can be described as hotfix. The major fixed issue was time refreshing with RingLocker. Also we have improved theme a little. Happy downloading!

V31 is gonna be here soon

We know you need that ROM fix. And we got you covered.

V31 is gonna be here soon so get your CWM ready.

Pie is almost there

The moment we’ve been waiting for is almost there:

<djnilse|finalpie> THIS SHOULD BE IT
<djnilse|finalpie> pie is final
<djnilse|finalpie> just one more thing to check

though I still should translate them into french and checkout that layout params nav bar thingy from squadzone

Progress …

Making Progress

Changelogs are now up, you can see them under GingerDX